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Welcome to EARG 2015!

The Eurasian Animal Rights Gathering (EARG) 2015 (taking place in Georgia, Caucasus, on 23–25 August) is a second annual international event, which aims at bringing together activists from all over the world—particularly from Eastern Europe and Asia, because in countries of that regions AR activism is not connected well to the international network and exists more or less in an isolated form. Plus the problems that unite the AR movement in Eastern Europe and Asia differ from the problems that our comrades in Central and Western Europe and Northern America have to face, which makes the discussion and the unifying of the efforts essential for our cause.

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The following text is taken completely from the description of International Animal Rights Gathering, which inspired us to make this event in the Eastern part of the continent: «We will meet for a weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, films, information stalls, entertainment and networking. The aim of the Gathering is to promote and improve co-operation and co-ordination between activists from many different countries, with the aim of building a strong coherent global movement to fight animal exploitation and spread compassion. This is particularly important bearing in mind that most animal exploitation and abuse is an international business which operates across international borders, so it's vital that we as a movement also learn to think and work globally too».


There will be also an action (as part of the World Day for the End of Speciesism) in Tbilisi center before EARG, so we will be happy if you come beforehand and take part in it as well. And after the gathering everyone who wants can go with us to the Georgian sea coast to volunteer in an animal shelter for about a week. So the schedule of events is:

  • 22 August—Action in Tbilisi (
  • 23 August—Going to EARG campsite and arriving there
  • 24–25 August—EARG events
  • 26 August—Everyone who wants goes to Batumi to volunteer in an animal shelter; others go back to Tbilisi or any other place (:


EARG will locate in the countryside, in the bosom of the fabulous nature of Georgia. The events of the gathering will be held in the open air. Participants of the gathering are to stay in the tent camp; there will also be a few sleeping accommodations in a building. (If for some reason the campsite doesn’t suite you, please inform organizers about that in advance, because the quantity of sleeping accommodations is limited.) ATTENTION: participants take tents, sleeping bags and all other stuff for staying in the tent camp with themselves!


On security grounds for the participation in the gathering one needs to obtain the personal invitation of the organizers OR any invited participant of the gathering. If you want to take part in the gathering but you do not know any participant, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the organizers:


We make the costs (for catering) of participants minimal. The costs for all three days for each participant are 20 lari (8 euro). The absence of financial possibilities won’t be an obstacle for participating in EARG, just let the organizers know in advance. At the same time if any participants would like to put more money in the box, the organizers would be happy, because there are already forecasts for the lack of money. Even if the expenses of EARG will be covered, the money will go to AR activism in Georgia.


Transportation from Tbilisi to the EARG location will be managed by means of hitchhiking and public transport. Participants will get all the directions and tips from organizers and the maximum help with getting to the place easily.


Three vegan meals daily will be provided by the organizers. If you have any special medical requirements for food please inform the organizers about them in advance. Please take a table spoon, a soup plate and a cup with you!!!


Organizers take on responsibilities for the security of the gathering participants on the campsite.

Photo, video equipment and mobile phones

The use of any photo or video equipment and mobile phones is not allowed on the campsite. Organizers will provide a place for safekeeping of valuables.


Racists, nazi(onalist)s, sexists, homophobes and adherents of all other forms of discrimination/supremacism are not welcome at the gathering. EARG is a peaceful event for people of different attitudes and lifestyles, so the absence of persons with discriminative views is caused by safety considerations, which is #1 in the list of organization priorities.


Organizers kindly ask the participants to refrain from holding any kind of spontaneous actions before, during and after EARG on the territory of Georgia. If you have any practical suggestions on activism during your stay, please discuss your ideas with organizers for the avoidance of causing problems as to organizers, so to other participants.


We highly welcome your initiative regarding workshops, discussions, movie screenings and entertainment at EARG, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to take into account all the feedback and make the gathering useful, interesting, comfortable and memorable. If you want to make your workshop at EARG, please contact the organizers before 15 August.

After EARG

Once again, if you do not want to leave Georgia right after the gathering, organizers will provide interesting, useful and pleasant activities (volunteering in an animal shelter in the sea area of Georgia) for all comers during several days after EARG. If you feel interested in this kind of pastime, please write us in a good advance, so we could plan accomodations.

If you'd like to take part in EARG or have any questions/suggestions, please contact the organizers:

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